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Become Iron Man
Learn to Flyboard, Hoverboard, or jetpack in minutes!
Become Iron Man
Learn to Flyboard, Hoverboard, or jetpack in minutes!
How it works
California Flyboard works with several instructors in the Northern California region to provide you with the best instructor for the best price.

Submit the form below and one of our representatives will contact you to discuss your booking. Our lessons are reservation based and our operation is completely mobile making it easier and more affordable for you!

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First Time Flyer
Check out this video to get a perspective of a first time flight on the Flyboard. The Flyboard Pro Series is extremely intuitive and easy to use. We have successfully flown over 4,000 customers with a 100% safety track record. Our professional instructors will be with you throughout the entire process to ensure you're safe and having a blast!
Take a look at our most frequently asked questions below
Is it safe?
Yes, California Flyboard’s professionally certified instructors have many hours of instruction under their belts before they are allowed to instruct the general public. Instructors are in complete control of the flyer’s power to ensure your safety at all times. Before even getting into the water, we take our customers through a 10 minute training, and outfit them with a helmet and life jacket. Everything you wear floats, so don’t worry about sinking to the bottom of the bay.
How long does it take to learn?
The average person takes 3-7 minutes to learn the basic maneuvers. If you have experience in wake boarding, skateboarding, snowboarding, or any sports that requires balance, you have a good chance of getting it in under 2 minutes!
What is the age requirement?
13 and older. Kids under 18 will need to have a parental consent form signed before flying. We have yet to determine a max age limit since the oldest person we have flown was 80 years old!
We only fly the latest and greatest hydro-flight equipment.
 Is there a height or weight limit?
There is no height limit, and we can fly people up to 375 lbs! We do recommend you have a shoe size bigger than 5 (In Men Size) and weigh over 100 lbs.
How high can I fly the first time?
How high do you want to fly? At first, you will be kept at a controlled height of approximately 5-10 feet, depending on your learning curve. The more you progress the higher you will be able to fly.
Does it require a lot of strength?
The most strenuous time Flyboarding is in the first 15 minutes of learning to fly. After you learn to fly the feeling becomes more natural and you can fly for a much more prolonged period of time.
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