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Stop Dreaming. Start Flying.

"The Best Hydro-Flight Equipment"

Flyboard Pro Series

The lightest and easiest board to fly on the market. The Pro Series Flyboard is the 4th generation of the Zapata-Racing's Flyboard product line and has changed the whole experience for beginners and pros alike. The Pro Series is designed for smooth transition and more of a vertical experience. Safe and easy, learn in minutes and receive the ultimate feeling and freedom of flight.

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Become the Silver Surfer

Surf the sky

Hoverboard by ZR

The Hoverboard by ZR is Zapata Racing's second product they released back in 2015. It was designed to provide a horizontal water flight experience and allows the user to surf the sky. If you love board sports this is the experience for you. Travel up to speeds of 13 mph and soar the skies for an unbeatable experience.

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Jetpack like James Bond

Be a hero!

Jetpack by ZR

Zapata didn't create the first water flight jetpack, but they did however improve it in a big way. The Jetpack by ZR is the lightest and most efficient jet pack on the market. The weight of Jetpack by ZR is a big deal especially considering it's strapped to your back and you are in 12ft plus of water! It's fun and intuitive design makes it really easy to fly.

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100% in Control

"You'll never want someone to control your power again"

Wireless EMK

The best way to fly! The wireless remote is one of the best additional products you can buy for your Flyboard, Hoverboard, or Jetpack. This device allows the user to have complete control of the power and navigation of the PWC.

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The Best of Both Worlds

"Fun for the riders and the fliers"

Quick Nozzle

The Quick Nozzle is designed to switch back and forth from jetski mode to Flyboard mode in seconds! The quick nozzle is a great accessory for those who still want to use the jetski to ride as well as fly.

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The Ultimate Upgrade

Increase power and efficiency with your hydro-flight device

Dual Impeller

The dual impeller is one of the most important upgrades you can do when just starting out with your equipment. The dual impeller increases performance by producing more water flow to the device you are flying. It also will save you on fuel, wear and tear on the engine, and require less RPMs to get someone out of the water and into the air.

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