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Buying a Jet Ski is a lot like buying a car. It is an exciting time and one of those things you know that you will truly cherish. Just like when you go to purchase a new car, you may come across some complications. We will show you the 10 mistakes to avoid when buying a new jet ski so you can be happy knowing you made the right purchase.


1) It’s Not for New Fish

If you are new to the world of personal watercraft, then get out now. This is not for you. You need to know what you like, what you don’t like. This comes from having some experience riding different kinds of PWCs in different weather conditions. Plus, you might not have the skills down just yet and end up crashing the thing into the dock.


2) Not Knowing the Amount of Riders

Is this vehicle just for you to ride solo? Or is it for the family? Jet Skis are built in different sizes to accommodate different amounts of people so have in mind how many people you plan to haul around.

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3) Not Understanding the Weight

You might be Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. But it is one thing to lift a dumbbell and another to lift a fairly bulky machine. Understand the weight of the PWC and think about how you will transport it and move it in and out of the water.

4) Falling for the Store Protection Plan

Many retailers offer protection plans to help you feel safe about your investment. What you don’t realize is that you might already be covered under the warranty. Read the fine details about the warranty before you sign anything.

5) Not Doing Your Research

On that note, you should have a good understanding about any vehicles you are interested in trying. Weight, lengths and warranties are the most important thing. These things will determine everything about your PWC.

6) Forgetting Upkeep Costs

Like any vehicle there are things you will need to do in order to keep your Jet Ski in working order. Oil and filter changes are just the beginning. You will need to do routine maintenance and may even want to have an expert take a look at it every so often.

check list before buy PWC

7) DIY

Maybe you are skilled with a wrench and figure that you are capable of doing the maintenance yourself. A PWC is not like car, it is much more complex in some ways and you may end up doing hundreds of dollars’ worth of damage while trying to fix the original problem.

8) Buying a Cheap Cover

A PWC is an investment. Would you buy a brand new luxury car and keep it on the street? If you are going to spend the cash on a fine, new machine then spend another dissent amount on getting a custom cover.

Cheap cover jet ski

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9) Having it Delivered

It might seem convenient to just have everything delivered to your house, but making sure you have the right vehicle to tow the watercraft is essential. It is also important to have prior knowledge on how to load and unload your new PCW. Spend the time with the dealer working things out so that when you are ready to hit the beach, things will go smoothly.

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10) Unnecessary Extras

This is where blogs and forums are your best friends. Certain extras might be worth the price while others are the same as throwing your money out the door. Do a little research and see what you need and don’t need.


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