With the flyboard, you are secured into two wakeboard style boots that are attached to a platform that you operate with a controller. You can learn how to operate one in ten minutes and they are very easy to get used to. Its advantage is that you can do flips and dives with ease and because it is fairly light it allows you to be much more agile than you are with the jetpack.


This looks and works exactly how we have seen on TV. You strap it onto your back and use two handles to decide where you go and how high you fly. These spin much more quickly than the flyboard and you can churn out 360s and 720s with ease. However, they are not as well suited towards dives and flips. Their only downside is that the learning curve may be much steeper and it may take more time to learn to operate a jetpack properly as compared to the other devices.


The flyboard and the hoverboard were actually invented by the same person. Think of them as cousins. It offers many of the same advantages as the flyboard, except that in this case you are operating something very similar to a skateboard with a jet engine on the back.

The flyboard offers you more vertical movement whereas the hoverboard is horizontal. To do tricks you pull the nose of the board upward which lifts you into the air and you can do corkscrews and turns, however, you can’t dive with them.

Three Choices: All Fun

No matter which of these you choose, you are going to have a good time. The only major difference in equipment cost. Jetpacks are more expensive than flyboards so naturally lessons will be more expensive with jetpacks. Similarly, the hoverboard is a little bit more difficult to get the hang of particularly if you are not too experienced with board sports.

If you want to just get a taste of these kinds of activities, it is best to go with a flyboard at first since the lesson time is short and if you like it, then you can try out the jetpack or hoverboard. However, at the end of the day, each person will have his or her own preference so the best thing you can do it is get out there and try them all for yourself!

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