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Flyboarding is fantastic fun but getting the hang of it can be a little tricky at first. Just like surfing or skating or any new sport for that matter, it takes a little practice, a little time and a couple of mistakes to really be able to smoothly cruise around. We are going to show you how to get your water flyboard balance perfect in no time at all.

Step 1: Relax

This should be obvious, but flyboarding is new to most people so they tense up and this is where they make mistakes. The board should be an extension of yourself so just cruise along with it. As you start to feel the board move underneath, avoid the urge to tense all your muscles because you will just fall forward.

Step 2: Move With It

Many of us with board experience may be tempted to remain somewhat stationary, similar to how you might skateboard. Instead you want to move with the board. As it shifts, you shift with it, this will help you get the feel of how it moves. Your first few times on it are going to feel completely unusual, but once you understand the movement, you will be balancing perfectly.

Step 3: Bend Your Knees

Again this goes back to the idea of not remaining stationary. The way you position your knees is how you move the board. It’s like skateboarding in that you move the opposite way that you bend your knees. Bend your right knee and you will turn left and vice versa. Your knees and your feet are the key to turning. It’s a good idea to do a little practice on the dock before you get on the board so you can visualize how it works.

Step 4: Don’t Be Afraid to Fall

The best thing about learning how to flyboard versus riding a bike, skateboarding or something similar is that you will just fall in the water. There are no scrapes or scars with flyboard balance, just a refreshing dip and you can get back up. Remember all of your equipment floats so you don’t have to struggle, you can just let yourself be carried back up to the surface. Fall as much as you like, it’s the best way to get good!

Step 5: Start Practicing Tricks

The best way to really gain your flyboard balance is to start doing tricks. Tricks allow you to practice your balance from a wide variety of different angles. One of the best ones you can do is the dolphin, barrel roll, or superman, all of these are relatively easy to learn, are super fun and good practice.

Flyboard Balance is Easier than It Looks

Starting any new sport can be difficult, but the biggest thing you have to remember is that everyone faces a learning curve with a new sport. But if you are willing to embarrass yourself a little, maybe even fall a few times, you will soon be flyboarding like a pro

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