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We all know that the coolest thing about flyboarding is the tricks. So if you have learned the basics, now it is time to get to the good stuff. Just so you know, you can do these tricks with a pilot, but being able to remotely control your PWC will give you a lot more room for experimentation.

1) Dolphin Dive

This is the signature move and one that is featured on every flyboarding video on the Internet.

Although it might look the most terrifying, it is actually the easiest trick. Remember, the key to these Flyboard tricks is confidence and being comfortable on the board.

All you do is keep your legs straight and dive at a 45-degree angle. That’s it. When you are under water just angle yourself upright and you will be ready to dive again.

2) Spinning Dolphin Dive

The Spinning Dolphin Dive is a great variation on the original dolphin! All you have to do is dive while turning in the air. For the best effect, combine it with multiple dives to really show off your skills.


3) Back flip

This is not for the faint of heart! The keyword here is air. The higher you are, the more time that you will have. The mechanics are similar to what they would be on land. You need to lean back and then swing your legs up. The only tricky part is making the turn fast enough to get your legs back underneath you.

4) Double back flip

And you thought the single backflip was hard! The main thing is height, but now you need to add a little more speed. Using the speed you gain from the first backflip propel yourself into a second one. This takes a good deal of Flyboard practice to nail perfectly.


5) Superman

What kid didn’t want to be Superman when he or she was growing up? For this, you launch up and out. You need to push the board behind you until you are horizontal. This will give you the ability to fly like Superman for few moments.

6) 1080 back flip

The cool thing about flyboarding is that you can turn and still gain altitude. Start your turns then use the force of the rotation to launch you into a backflip.

7) Infinity flip + more

A lot of what is cool about the Infinity flip is actually what you do with the hose. You can get it look like an infinity sign by doing a front flip then a back flip.

8) Triple backflip

Just like the double backflip, this is all about speed. To do this properly, you need to get maximum air and then continually roll your backflips without stopping.

Triple backflip

9) Thread the needle

When you do a backflip, the hose will be up in the air in a triangle shape. To thread the needle you do a backflip then cruise through the triangle. You need to be able to right yourself quick enough so that you have the time to fly through the loop before it falls back down into the water.

Thread the Needle

10) Layout back flip

A layout refers to a straight position during turning or tumbling motion. To do this properly you push the board behind you for a moment then come quickly forward into a backflip. By doing this, you can maintain your altitude better after a backflip.


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