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Whether you are seasoned expert or just picking it up, there are some essential accessories to make you Flyboarding experiences perfect. Pick up these five items and take your skills to the next level.

1. Quick Nozzle Adaptor

quick nozzle

The Quick Nozzle Adaptor allows you to easily switch back and forth between Flyboard mode and Jet Ski mode on your Personal Watercraft/Jet Ski (PWC). Although there are universal models, the best performance comes from quick nozzle adaptors specifically designed for your PWC. Plus installation is a breeze – it connects to the same plate as your U-pipe! With this you have so much flexibility where you board because you can cruise out to wherever you want to go and then pop into Flyboard mode and get up in the air right away!

2. Wireless EMK (Remote Control)

remote control

This is truly the future of the sport and a true sign of innovation. With the Wireless EMK, you do not need a Jet Ski operator; it’s just you and the water. It works seamlessly in both the air and underwater for about the length of a three second dolphin dive. Not only this, but you can easily choose the model level that works best with your flyboard experience level. Finally, the Smart Brain Engine allows for level and evenly regulated RPMs so that you are able to maintain a constant flight height with regard to power and thrust. Installation is quick and easy, there’s no need for you to cut beam wires—just bolt the brain engine anywhere on your PWC and plug in the positive and negative battery clamps. You’ll be up and flying solo in no time.


3. Safety Skin

flyboard safety

This adds a whole new level of safety to the game (and of course, more safety means more room for experimenting with tricks!) This inflatable cushion that you attach to the front of your PWC protects your vehicle from the impact of tangled hoses, downed riders or just general debris. In addition, it also boosts your buoyancy to prevent rollovers. It can also be use in the event of an emergency as a safety sled to tow any injured passengers. It deflates quickly too for easy removal and storage.

4. Waterproof Headsets

flyboard hat

Communication between the driver and the Flyboarder is crucial for safety and for pushing the envelope. Wireless waterpoof Bluetooth communication devices are ideal for a wide range of water and snow related sports and activities across the board. Use these headsets to coordinate with your jet ski operator, equipment team, or with other flyboard riders.

5. Flypad – Inflatable Floating Platform

The Flypad is awesome! It is basically an offshore island and has a huge range of functions. You can use it as a launch pad to start your rides or a crash pad for emergency uses. It’s inflates easily in under 5-minutes and features D-rings that allow you to attach it to your PWC so you can tow it anywhere. And it is tough! You can even bounce your Jet Ski off of it!

Taking Your Game to the Next Level

There you have it. With just a few things you can seriously up your Flyboarding game so you that you can cruise with the best of them.


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