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Getting into the Flyboard business is no easy feat. You can have the greatest product in the world but without the proper business strategies in place, nothing matters.

Flyboard Business Basics

First, assess the market. Is there a demand for Flyboard products in your area? How sustainable is your growth as a business? It’s important to gauge audience interest in watersports and technology.

Are you in a good and visible location for targeting the Flyboard market? While you don’t necessarily have to be located near the ocean to Flyboard, you should be within the vicinity of a recreational body of water, like a lake.

What type of traffic does your business area get - commercial, seasonal, tourist? Who is your target customer and how can you attract their business?

Nail down the logistics of your Flyboard business first. Things like permitting, legal waivers, and staff requirements are important to consider.

Choosing a Flyboard Business Package or Market Focus

Maybe you’ve already got the groundwork of a successful business down and want to add to your selling inventory. Or perhaps you’d like to become an online retailer. California Flyboard offers several Flyboard Dealer Programs to fit your specific business needs. Our team of business specialists can help you start your own Flyboard business from scratch, or offer their industry and market expertise with professional consultation services.

We can offer you the tools and resources to run a successful Flyboard business.

Flyboard Business Solutions

California Flyboard and related hydro-flight products can be a great addition to any business within the recreational industry. We can connect you with a network of top-industry dealers and provide Sales and Support Teams for your business needs. Or perhaps you want to just dip a toe in and eliminate most of the overhead cost by becoming an Online Dealer. We also offer ecommerce support, reporting software, Google Analytics, and dealer discounts.

Whatever aspect of the Flyboard business you choose, we are here to help.

Any Questions or Concerns About Our Business Programs?

Call Us Now

Any Questions or Concerns About Our Business Programs?

Call Us Now

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