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California Flyboard is one of the first company's in the United States to introduce the Flyboard as a business for sales and rentals. California Flyboard has recently been acquired and is under new management. 

The company is revamping the new site and looking forward to growing a strong dealer network and rental location. The new website will be more user friendly and very simple, with easy navigation and updated information on the products we carry.

The new President of the company is making moves fast and working with some experienced rental location operators to bring you a new kind of Flyboard experience.

The new owner plans on adding more products to the inventory and branding the company to offer the newest recreation technology products. "We have passion for technology and fun, so why not bring best of both worlds together. 

The new products will consist of two wheel hoverboards, highest tech Paddle and Surfboards, seabobs, electric surf boards, and electric bikes. 

The President of the company looks to offer the expected high end customer service, while offering the highest end recreation products in the world. "We are looking to work with company's that see our vision and want to push their products through our sales channels.

We look forward to 2016 and bettering our customer's experience. Stayed tuned and feel free to join our mailing list by clicking here.


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