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The Flyboard by Zapata Racing is an innovative product that has given people the gift of flight and an awesome new sport. President of California Flyboard, Paul Bulka Jr., was recently interviewed by Tech Crunch, to talk about the Flyboard. Often, videos and pictures focus on the flyer, hiding the jet ski and how the Flyboard receives power. So Tech Crunch asked us, how does it work? 

Tech Crunch is a popular technology news blog that discusses the latest products, companies, and websites. They are a great guide for all things tech. 

The Flyboard connects to a Personal Watercraft (jetski, jetboat, etc.) which diverts all the water through a hose, and out the nozzles of the Flyboard, allowing you to fly using water power. A more detailed description is in the video interview below.

The sport has been around for about five years now and continues to grow. There is a Flyboard World Cup competition that has been around since the start of the sport in 2012. The competition has been hosted in Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and most recently, Naples, Florida in the United States. Athletes from all over the world gather to show off their latest tricks. At first, backflips and dives were impressive, now everyone is 60 feet in the air and doing quadruple backflips.

The inventor of the Flyboard, Franky Zapata, currently has two other products using the same technology: the Hoverboard and the Jetpack. The Hoverboard is similar to a wakeboard or surfboard. You ride along the surface of the water, then if you pick up your front foot, the board flies in the air! The Jetpack is worn on your back and you use your body and the jetpack arms, connected to the nozzles to steer.

Franky Zapata has amazed people with this new, Hydroflight sport. However, Franky is shooting higher. He recently revealed a new prototype called the Flyboard Air. This Flyboard has no hose, no jet ski, no water. 

A fifth version that doesn't attach to anything and flies with jet turbines!

The Flyboard Air is currently only a prototype. Franky says that people will probably have to have at least 100 logged hours on the original water-powered Flyboard before they step on this new, personal aviation device. Follow California Flyboard on social media to get updates on the Flyboard, Hoverboard, and Jetpack.

It was a great opportunity to work with Tech Crunch! We want more people to know about this awesome sport! We believe that Flyboarding will continue to grow, especially with the Flyboard World Cup being in the United States this year and the reveal of the Flyboard Air. We're gaining mainstream media attention. Check out the video below.

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